First Class

A new standard of excellence.


Spacious shells and center dividers create a blissful private space. Our new seats combine the same soft, elegant feel with a variety of new and convenient features.Enjoy the unique elegance only in First Class.

Class J

The next level in relaxation.

Class J

Class J seats are designed to provide
greater relaxation than ever before. With a range of new, convenient features, you'll enjoy a restful time in the air and arrive ready to hit the ground running.

Economy Class

Fly your own way,
with more comfort.

Economy Class

The ultimate in relaxation, enjoyment,
and convenience. All seats are equipped with a full range of features, including personal monitors and AC power, to meet your every need. Now you can truly fly in style.

Boeing787 Features

Coordinated interior design evoking Japan's traditional beauty

JAL Domestic Flights Boeing787 aircraft feature all-new interior and seat designs in First Class, Class J, and Economy Class that evoke the traditional beauty of Japan.

Seat design offers privacy in harmony with the outside world

The unique seat design uses large shells and armrests to create private spaces that seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment.

First Class
Class J

Color scheme creates a visual sense of spaciousness

Seat covers use a combination of two different fabric types to provide accent to the cabin space while creating a visual sense of spaciousness.

Class J
Economy Class

Modern interior design interweaved with Japanese tradition

The interior uses a base tone of red--JAL's corporate color and the traditional color of Japan--to present a new, uniquely Japanese sense of comfort.

Class J
Economy Class




Length 56.7m
Width 60.1m
Height 16.9m
Cruise Speed 916km/h
Range 14,800km
Experience the Boeing787's new seats for yourself!

In-Flight Entertainment

JAL's in-flight entertainment on domestic routes allows you to enjoy your time in the sky however you please. Choose from hundreds of video and audio programs, in-flight Internet service, and more.

Available on Your Personal Monitor

  • Available on Your Personal Monitor

    With hundreds of video and audio programs, in-flight Internet service, and more, your personal screen gives you access to a world of entertainment!

  • Movie


    Enjoy the latest hit movies from Hollywood and Japan.* * Depending on the month, only Hollywood or Japanese movies may be available.

  • E-books


    A variety of e-books are available.

  • TV shows and videos
    TV shows and videos
    Choose from among 70 channels offering a wide range of programs, from drama to sports.
  • Live TV
    Live TV
    Enjoy live TV programs through our satellite TV service.
  • Audio
    A variety of programs for your listening pleasure, including music albums.
  • Text news
    Text news
    Live news feeds from around the world in Japanese and English.

Available on
your Wi-Fi device

FREE Wi-Fi on JAL domestic flights

FREE Wi-Fi on JAL domestic flights

Surf the Web, check social media, and send and receive texts and e-mails free of charge using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer. JAL's Boeing787 lets you take your mobile communication with you into the skies!

  • * This service relies on a satellite feed. As such, it may be disrupted by factors such as flight and weather conditions.
  • * JAL does not provide Wi-Fi-enabled devices or earphones for in-flight use.
  • * Actual experience may vary from illustrations.

Flight Schedule/Fare

Will be operated Tokyo (Haneda) - Osaka (Itami) Flight Schedule

Route B787 Flight number
Tokyo (Haneda)→Osaka (Itami) JL101 / 107 / 113 / 117 / 125* / 127 / 139*
Osaka (Itami)→Tokyo (Haneda) JL102* / 106 / 112 / 116 / 120 / 128* / 130
  • *Start operations on January 7, 2020


Will be operated Tokyo (Haneda) - Fukuoka Flight Schedule

Route B787 Flight number
Tokyo (Haneda)→Fukuoka JL311* / 323
Fukuoka→Tokyo (Haneda) JL312* / 326
  • *Start operations on January 7, 2020


  • *The schedule and equipment used may be changed without notice. The latest information can also be checked from the departure and arrival information from the day before the flight.



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